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  • Gracielle Mia Banares
    2 years ago

    There are still glitches. The full screen icon is still not present on mine and the highlighter colors doesn’t show up, because what shows is “copy, look up, share” so I can’t highlight at all. The voice or narration toggle doesn’t also show, anymore. This is supposed to be user friendly, it’s not. The tutorial on how to navigate is informative but frustrating because the icons doesn’t show. I hope something can be done about it quickly, or else this intuitive interaction you claim is not worth it.

  • Faris Biogradlic
    2 years ago

    Awesome and unique content that you can find only here. I love the notes and voice function!

  • Marco Leeder
    2 years ago

    Love the detailed content. Accessing the material and logging in is a little cumbersome when trying to find the correct login area without running into the catalogue of other books or table of contents (even after bookmarking the page). The automatic pop-up (video, not an ad) at the bottom of the screen takes up more screen space than it is worth considering how much it is utilized.

  • Amar Suljević
    2 years ago

    Great book!

  • Nazim Shirinbekov
    1 year ago

    Very useful content!

  • Tiago Dalmagro
    7 months ago

    Useful information and reference for my studies

  • Stan Van Eeckhoudt
    4 months ago